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From price to practicality, you're in good hands

We're happy to assist you in the design process and work easily to a variable budget, with high-quality materials across all levels of artistic purpose.
Depending on the nature of your art work you can choose from different framing quality options:

Price options

Minimal cost

Suitable for short term display.


Suitable for replaceable prints, but not for art or photos that have any sentimental or commercial value.


Modest costs. Suitable for lower value art where a reasonable protection is required for a period of 5-10 years.


For commercially or sentimental valuable items of art requiring protection for a period of 20 years and more. Valuable and delicate works of art needing protection from the effects of chemicals and light in the atmosphere and surrounding materials. We offer a range of framing materials and techniques which help provide this protection.


Suitable for particularly valuable items where maximum protection from environmental damage or damage from framing materials for a period of at least 30 Years is required – the highest standard available.

Want to talk specifics?

We're happy to talk and give guidance to get the best creative outcome with your art