Upload, print and frame your holiday and family photos online

Print & frame online

Print & frame online

Upload, Design, Order

Choose your image, size and frame

Magma Gallery now offers Giclee printing and framing on-line. Customize your own frame from home.
Have your family and wedding photos and your best holiday shots framed professionally.

Simply upload your image, determine the print size you require, choose from dozens of frames, mats, printing media from budget to archival and several types of glass. The selection process is both fun and easy.


High quality Giclee printing, inks to endure

For the printing we are using a HP eleven colour ink jet printer and archival long-life pigement inks that last well over 100 years.
The giclee printing process is guaranteed by the manufacturers of the ink and the paper to make archival prints capable of lasting more than 100 years and are popular with contemporary artists, museums and collectors as a way of making exhibition prints from digital files.

Play around with the options and create a framed piece that reflects your own style. The finished design will be visualized and you know how the finished product will look like.


Build your own frame

If you have a print, a poster or an original painting, like a water colour you can order a custom made frame so that you can put the artwork in yourself. Take exact measurements of the artwork, enter the dimensions into our online template, choose mat, frame and glass.

Your frame will be hand-crafted at our workshop and you will enjoy the same quality as customers who come to our shop. Your order will be shipped expertly finished and ready to hang.


Customize online

We have a seperate website for uploading your image & customizing your order, click the button here to find out more and start your order.